Accelerate Your Results with Less Effort

F.A.S.T (Focused-Actions-System-Training) Methodology

Focused Learning

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. Our 80/20 learning program concentrates on the 20% of sounds & patterns that would make an immediate impact for you - applying a laser focus on your most important, and frequently used spoken vocabulary.

Efficient Actions

Gain mastery over your spoken vocabulary and industry terminology. Weekly private sessions working with your coach provide personalized feedback. Case studies and action assignments are specifically designed to help busy professionals learn efficiently with less effort.

Proven System

Get access to the time tested and proven system that other successful professionals already use. More than a typical American accent course, Fast Accent is a complete learning and action system designed to support and accelerate your results.

Foundational Training

Learn American Accent fundamentals (intonation, stress, vowel sounds, consonant sounds, linking and reductions) critical to your communication success. These are the exact strategies and core concepts you always wished someone would have revealed to you.

Look Inside (What You Get)

Program Components

What People are Saying

Amazing...This was a great nvestment! - Y.Z., Software Developer, San Jose CA
You've helped me unlock the code for speaking American English. - J.K., Tech Entrepreneur, Washington state
As a project manager, I feel that my verbal communication skills have improved dramatically. - A.M., Director, Washington DC
This is the type of training that can lift your communication skills to the next level and I highly recommend it. - K.W., Ecommerce specialist St.Paul, MN
Just had a great phone meeting - it was a complex scenario to explain and he understood me very well without me repeating it. Ahh.... the joy of good communication. - S.B., Principal Project Manager, San Jose, CA
I am getting more and more confidence and hardly hearing people say "what, can you please repeat?". Thank you for making this happen. - V.B., Software VP, Boise, ID

Who Should Join

The Biomedical Scientist

The Software Engineer

The Web Entrepreneur

The Technology Investor

Join other professionals just like you who have learned how to easily communicate clearly and effectively with an American accent!

Time Tested and Proven

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